About the Founder

Laurel Pendle believes people and relationships come first – Then business and financial freedom will follow! Pendle is a passionate, driven entrepreneur that strives to create positive brand awareness through strategic partnerships & alliances. She graduated with a B.A., Cum Laude, Communications & Marketing degree from Arizona State University. Laurel is a Certified Meeting & Events Professional (CMP) and has worked with diverse organizations in various industries for over two decades.

The founder is a passionate sales, marketing & public relations professional. A “connector” that has a proven track record in creating strategic partnerships & alliances. A true visionary and a talented entrepreneur that thrives in partnering with dynamic organizations and people around the globe. In her free time, she enjoys the beach and hanging out with friends and family. She is a devoted mother, published author, philanthropist and social activist.

LPBC Services LLC is a female-owned Business + Strategic Communications virtual consulting service agency. We offer creative solutions and targeted strategies to help grow and promote your brand. We provide value and extraordinary service by creating awareness and exposure for your business, based on specific goals and measurable results.

Over 3 decades of problem-solving experience, passion to create change and lasting impact around the globe, sets us apart and guides our unique purpose. We strive to offer professional recommendations, guidance and actionable solutions to unique challenges to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. We want to help shape and share your story!

We help save you time and money!  We believe people and relationships come first – then business and financial freedom will follow! Our team offers business strategy and solutions to achieve maximum ROI. We offer unique Marketing+ Sales+ PR+ Business consulting services that can be bundled to fit your business needs. How can we help YOU become extraordinary?

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LPBC Services LLC
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