Do you wish you had more time?

I know what it feels like to wish for more time to get everything accomplished that you need to… ALL in one day. One of the top needs that my clients often have is time poverty. They struggle to run an effective business or department with the lack of talent, resources and systems to get things moving forward – in the time allowed. They often stay STUCK in the process and run out of steam half way through the day. They complain of missed deadlines or not being able to expand their desired target audience or obtain new leads.

Numerous customers have admitted that they lack the skills and resources necessary to grow their business effectively because they do not have the budget to hire additional staff. I hear ya! The good news is that with LPBC Services you can reach out to our team for those short-term and long-term projects, when you NEED it. We have the resources to get things done for YOU in a timely manner!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a RESOURCE that allowed you to save time, by offering solutions to propel your business to the next level? Ever thought about attending a networking event, trade show or speaker’s panel but you don’t know which ONES would be ideal? What about the opportunity to create THE event of the year, ribbon cutting or launch party but you don’t know how? Want to capture the eye of the media to get your brand noticed but need an expert to facilitate it? Want brand recognition or need help to repair your current image?

Yes? You have come to the right place!

We work behind the scenes to save you time and money to do what you do best! We create successful plans to help grow your businesses using targeted and reliable strategies. How can we help you become extraordinary?

Storytelling is Alive and Well

Posted on September 25, 2018

Laurel Pendle, Founder of LPBC Services said, “ It is all about story-telling, credibility, exposure and creating a positive brand image. Public Relations is here for the long-haul!

Creating an opportunity to paint a picture for your reader, is often more effective in capturing your audience’s attention. It leaves them longing to hear more. Are you ready to share your story with us?


Building Trust is Important

Posted on December 4, 2017

Rave Reviews-

“I have used Laurel in an advisory capacity at several points, and lastly engaged her to aid with PR strategy for a launch, where she evaluated a legacy PR contract and delivered a helpful roadmap for an optimized communication strategy moving forward. Knowing Laurel from when we worked together at SCVB in the past, I am very familiar with her utmost professionalism, efficient work style, and marketing knowledge.”

Berit Digerud, Digital Optimization Strategist at Nuance Communications

4.5 Years of Dedication and Quality Video Production and Promotions

“I have known Laurel for several years and have worked with her on many projects including script-writing, video production and promotions and brand development. She is a true professional who brings endless energy and creativity to every project. ”

Raphael Isaac, Executive Producer

The Face of Professionalism-

“Laurel is the face of professionalism. She is assertive and friendly at the same time. She is organized and detail oriented. She is a pleasure to work with and she gets the job done on time, with perfection, every time. I highly recommend using her business expertise. ”

Wendy Snodgrass, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner


The Wow Factor

Posted on December 16, 2016


Welcome to our 1st blog post. We are excited to help struggling organizations with sales and marketing strategy and support!

We aim to create the “wow” factor in delivering a positive customer service experience and by offering an amazing final product or result. We have a creative team that can make your dreams come true!

We are thrilled to offer creative services designed to fit every budget. We offer customized solutions to help grow organizations and achieve maximum ROI. We even have a certified meeting & event planner available to offer the perfect theme for your next program or event.

Are you thinking of taking that next step in your business? Looking to attract more clients?

Sometimes it is a well written press release to gain exposure or to address a specific subject matter. Other times people are looking for a more comprehensive business strategy and detailed plan designed to target multiple business lines. Let us put our thinking caps on, in order to provide the resources and creative touches that you need