Helping to Save Lives Every Day!

Trinity Air Medical is helping to save lives every day! I have been super impressed with the leadership team and how much they care about their company, job, team and their OPO “partners” in the industry.

I am fascinated by the gift of organ donation, transplant partners, medical advancement and the teamwork it takes to complete a difficult, life-saving mission. Each second counts! I am humbled by the men and women that risk their lives every day as emergency rescue workers- That choose to make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you to each ONE of YOU!

Laurel Pendle – LPBC Services

For Immediate Release

Trinity Air Medical Appoints Vice President of Operations, Donna Smith and Vice President of Strategy & Partner Relations, Scott Wunsch

Industry experts are expected to grow organizational efforts with OPO’s and transplant programs nationally.

(Tempe, AZ) Trinity Air Medical is pleased to announce the appointment of two key leadership positions to the organization, vice president of operations and vice president of strategy & partner relations. These two newly created positions are expected to increase operational efficiencies and provide exceptional customer service. “The addition of Scott and Donna demonstrate our commitment to align our services for our transplant partners,” according to Seth Bacon, CEO of Trinity Air Medical.

Trinity Air Medical was established in 2012 and was created to solve the challenges of medical logistics and transportation. Today, Trinity Air Medical has grown to 45 employees, who work exclusively with Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO’s) and transplant centers around the globe. Trinity Air Medical is a nationwide leader for organ and medical team transportation services.

Trinity Air Medical is pleased to welcome Donna Smith, Vice President of Operations who joined the leadership team in September with 20 years of expertise in the organ donation and transplantation field. She is a registered nurse and received her Master of Nursing and Organizational Leadership degree from Walden University.

Smith recently served as vice president of organ operations at LifeGift, one of the largest organ procurement organizations in the country. Smith has served on various national committees in an effort to improve systems and processes.

In her current role as vice president of operations, she will oversee the day-to-day operations and logistics for Trinity Air Medical based in Tempe, AZ. Smith said, “I am excited to join the team at Trinity Air Medical and will look to bring my years of institutional experience, leadership and a collaborative spirit to carry out the mission of saving lives.”

Scott Wunsch, Vice President of Strategy and Partner Relations joined the leadership team September 2018 and has successfully worked alongside the donor and transplant community for over 20 years. Seth Bacon, CEO stated “Scott brings a wealth of experience to the organization and an intense desire to improve organ donation and transplant efforts. He is an advocate for the transplant community and will be instrumental to the leadership team at Trinity Air Medical.”

Prior to arriving at Trinity Air Medical, Wunsch spent 13 years at LifeCenter Northwest in Seattle, Washington as their vice president of clinical operations.  He also sat on the AOPO Standards Committee and was a site surveyor to ensure OPOs were following industry best practices. Wunsch holds a bachelor’s degree from Whitworth University and a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University. 

Wunsch stated, “Joining Trinity Air Medical has been an exciting professional transition.  Working in the OPO and transplant community for the past 13 years has always been a privilege and I’m excited to continue to be working closely with the hundreds of professionals that are working tirelessly to save lives on a daily basis.  Since joining Trinity Air Medical, the company has seen exceptional growth and we are excited to continue to grow in the months and years ahead.”  His new leadership role is providing business strategies and organizational growth for Trinity Air Medical across the nation. In January 2020 he will serve on the Leadership and Innovation Council with The Alliance.

About Trinity Air Medical

Trinity Air Medical is a healthcare company that specializes in coordination of transplant teams and donor organs safely and efficiently. Our primary goal is to ensure every organ is maximized for transplantation. Timely organ movements and transplant team transportation are the critical links for donors and those lives that are left in the balance. Trinity Air Medical works in synchronicity to ensure the highest level of Safety, Reliability, and Accountability. We strive to be your trusted partner and provider and help fulfill life-saving missions. For further information please go to or call 1888-977-9772. All Media/ Press please call Laurel Pendle, LPBC Services at 480-382-6382


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