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Jan 11, 2023

Drum roll please…. 

We are thrilled to announce that Laurel Pendle, CMP- Founder of LPBC Service LLC is listed as a 3X published international best-selling book author!

Today, The Art of Connection: 365 Days of Transformation Quotes by Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers is launching, and Pendle is one of the author-contributors in this influenceable book series.  

Pendle said, "I read the entire book in full yesterday, and I have to say, it is truly uplifting, heart-warming and provides practical business tips and personal development insight for all layers of your journey." 

We are aiming for the book to hit Best-Seller on Amazon. There are over 4000 books launched every day, and on Jan. 11, 2023, we will be one of them.

Our publishing team is now ready to share this story worldwide.

There are a few different ways you can help support our mission to hit Number One Bestseller. Here is an overview of our launch. Our book link 

 Please Leave an Amazon Review - Once you have purchased any form of the book, you can follow the link to the book (provided above) and scroll down on the Amazon eBook sales page toward the bottom. You will see a tab that says, “Leave a Review.”

We appreciate your support and looking forward to book number four coming out in late 2023!

April 3, 2021
LPBC SERVICES LLC is thrilled to have the wonderful press coverage from the Wrangler News publication.

This was a beautifully written article about  Raveen Arora and his lifetime humanitarian efforts and nomination of the 2021 Nobel Peace prize.

Check out the article on page 4-5 

Author-Contributor Of “The Art of Connection” – Interview with Laurel Pendle, Founder of LPBC Services LLC
Feb 2021

Be prepared for words of wisdom and insight from entrepreneurs with the book “The Art of Connection” giving 365 days of networking quotes. Learn more on Laurel Pendle’s contribution in a 10-minute interview and how to purchase the book launching February 17.

Have you ever thought about how success is defined and what does it specifically mean to you? Pendle will share her thoughts and original quote from this best- selling book that will be housed at the Library of Congress.

Click below to view the interview

Exciting things are happening in the world of entrepreneurship

Gilbert Sun News- Nov 2018

Gilbert entrepreneur’s new venture aims to help other businesses Laurel Pendle has seen and experienced business in several ways.

The Gilbert woman’s parents started a half dozen different businesses over the time she was growing up in the Midwest. And she’s started a few of her own, including meeting/conference planning, real estate and even dog-watching. But a funny thing happened along the way in her quarter-century career – she became a mom to a boy, now 7. So now, she’s opted for a new startup, LPBC Services LLC, that allows her to remain a fulltime mom but also help struggling businesses through her own experience as a certified meeting planner, strategic communications expert and a business owner. “Our goal is to help shape and share your story,” she said.

“Many organizations do not have the time or budget to hire full-time employees to perform all of the necessary duties needed to grow a department or brand.” That leads to a “gap” that she says her business can fill so that by acting as an extension of a client’s business, the client can focus on things he or she wants to do.  Calling herself a “driven, female entrepreneur that values relationships and family,” Pendle said she got the idea for her new business, which officially launched in July, from the business owners and others who “reached out to me to see how they could start their own business or grow their own business and what advice I could offer.”

Larger organizations sought her ideas on “how they could grow their market share, be more viable in the public eye, develop relative content, attract a new target audience or share their story with others.”  It didn’t take long for her to discover “two successful professionals in the start-up community that have amazing technical and system ‘process’ experience but were missing the public relations, event strategy and business development arm.”  She developed a public relations strategy, and they were so happy with the results that they asked her to join them in yet another business that will be launching soon.  As for the company that she has launched, Pendle said she can fill the needs of both large and smaller businesses and organizations that “have a tremendous amount of work to complete but do not have the budget to hire full-time, high-level employees to deliver the results necessary to complete the on-going projects/tasks that demand big results.”

“Even large marketing/PR agencies have a need when unfortunate layoffs or downsizing occurs, and they need someone to help ‘fill the gap to keep their existing clients happy,” she said.  “Sometimes organizations need an industry expert or ‘opinion leader’ to land a new client or help tackling a new project that they do not have experience in but need to get up to speed quickly.”  Among those needs are strategic marketing, video production, website design, process and systems integration and social media advertising campaigns,” she said, as well as marketing and sales strategizing, business development.


Page 26-27 of the Gilbert Sun News

Company with Big Dreams offers 25 Years of Expertise

Posted on  by LPBC Services

For Immediate Release

New Business Launch- LPBC Services LLC Fills the Gap

Small Company with Big Dreams offers 25 Years of Expertise

Gilbert, AZ- LPBC Services LLC is a female owned, full-service business consulting agency that provides brand awareness, by offering targeted strategies and solutions that drive results. LPBC Services LLC officially opened its “virtual doors” July 1, 2018.

The idea for LPBC Services LLC originated from a burning desire to help others tell their story. Laurel Pendle, Founder created this business to fill a gap in the marketplace, and to spend more time with her family (she is a full-time, single mother). For many years, she was often asked by other professionals if she would provide business insight, sales, marketing and public relations strategies to help with big challenges that existed in their business. Pendle often said yes, and that growing need to mentor and lead ultimately fueled her dream of starting her own small business.

Pendle, Founder commented, “our goal is to help shape and share your story!” Many organizations do not have the time or budget to hire full-time employees to perform all of the necessary duties needed to grow a department or brand. Organizations often want valuable resources and talent that can identify with their vision, goals, and get up-to-speed quickly- to deliver results.  “We can help fill the gap in your business, so you can focus on the things YOU want to do. Think of our team as an extension of your organization,” Pendle said.

This is her forth start-up business over the last 12 years, and she has even helped other entrepreneurs launch their own businesses. Pendle has formally held top leadership positions in diverse industries globally, for over 25 years. She knew there was a gap in the marketplace, and so she launched LPBC Services LLC to help fill that necessary void.

The good news is, there is already a steady stream of organizations that have jumped on board to work with LPBC Services LLC. This is excellent news for the new business venture, and the driven, female entrepreneur that values relationships and family above it all.

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