Company with Big Dreams offers 25 Years of Expertise

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New Business Launch- LPBC Services LLC Fills the Gap

Small Company with Big Dreams offers 25 Years of Expertise

Gilbert, AZ- LPBC Services LLC is a female owned, full-service business consulting agency that provides brand awareness, by offering targeted strategies and solutions that drive results. LPBC Services LLC officially opened its “virtual doors” July 1, 2018.

The idea for LPBC Services LLC originated from a burning desire to help others tell their story. Laurel Pendle, Founder created this business to fill a gap in the marketplace, and to spend more time with her family (she is a full-time, single mother). For many years, she was often asked by other professionals if she would provide business insight, sales, marketing and public relations strategies to help with big challenges that existed in their business. Pendle often said yes, and that growing need to mentor and lead ultimately fueled her dream of starting her own small business.

Pendle, Founder commented, “our goal is to help shape and share your story!” Many organizations do not have the time or budget to hire full-time employees to perform all of the necessary duties needed to grow a department or brand. Organizations often want valuable resources and talent that can identify with their vision, goals, and get up-to-speed quickly- to deliver results.  “We can help fill the gap in your business, so you can focus on the things YOU want to do. Think of our team as an extension of your organization,” Pendle said.

This is her forth start-up business over the last 12 years, and she has even helped other entrepreneurs launch their own businesses. Pendle has formally held top leadership positions in diverse industries globally, for over 25 years. She knew there was a gap in the marketplace, and so she launched LPBC Services LLC to help fill that necessary void.

The good news is, there is already a steady stream of organizations that have jumped on board to work with LPBC Services LLC. This is excellent news for the new business venture, and the driven, female entrepreneur that values relationships and family above it all.

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