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Clarity and Vision is what I was looking for to launch the next phase of my business in 2022.

“Today you helped me find clarity again with our strategy meeting and targeted roadmap. I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to make the right decision to launch my brand.” Thank you for joining me on this journey and I am grateful for your support and inspiration. ” 

CEO, Stronger Nurses

LPBC Services LLC is a Valuable Resource and a Long-term Partner

“I have known Laurel Pendle, Founder of LPBC Services LLC for many years, and have experienced her business excellence in providing Public Relations, event logistics and business strategy services. She encourages organizations to give back to the community in some ways and is creative in finding a charity of choice that resonates with the vision.

Laurel’s clients consider her a valuable resource and a long-term partner. I would highly recommend LPBC Services LLC for your future business needs.”

Raveen Arora, Founder – Think Human

“She works tirelessly for the lives of others!”

“I have had the privilege of working with Laurel Pendle while she was Director of PR/ Strategic Partnerships & Alliances with SEVRAR and again as she served on the Board of Directors at House of Refuge. She is highly professional, trustworthy, creative, and a joy to work with.

I was also honored to serve with Laurel on the Board of Directors at House of Refuge where she tirelessly focused her efforts to improve the lives of homeless families in our community.”

Nancy Marion, Executive Director, House of Refuge

“I have known Laurel, professionally and personally for 5 years. She has been a terrific colleague and great friend. Laurel and I worked together on SEVRAR and Arizona Association of REALTORS events, community relations and PR together. Her attention to detail, commitment to her responsibilities and professionalism has no parallel. On a personal basis, Laurel has been extremely committed to serving the community and the people around her. She has participated in many charitable events, fundraisers and campaigns. I highly recommend Laurel for any professional or charitable needs.”

Ashley Trussell, Owner of Pragma Properties

“Laurel is a big picture doer who doesn’t shy away from the details that turn events, strategy, publicity, projects… from good to great. She has a positive attitude and provides the work ethic that organizations need to strive for. I recommend her for businesses who are in the growth phases of launching their business big.”

Robert Jones, Visionary, Entrepreneur and Networking Connector at Network Together and InSiteful Solutions

“I have known Laurel for several years and have worked with her on many projects including script-writing, video production and promotions and brand development. She is a true professional who brings endless energy and creativity to every project.”

Raphael Isaac, Executive Producer

“I had the pleasure of working with Laurel at the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau when she worked in Tourism Sales and I worked in Convention Sales. Laurel was always professional, prepared, easy to work with and brought a great attitude to the office each day. She is a very organized event and meeting planner and would be a huge asset to work with any groups that are in need of her consulting services.”

Alison McGowan, Blue Cross Blue Shield Manager, Healthcare

“Laurel’s professionalism and attention to detail is second to none! I had the pleasure of working alongside Laurel with the RPAC political fundraising committee at SEVRAR (real estate trade association of over 35,500 members). She’s the person of immense integrity that is paralleled by her work ethic. She always goes above and beyond. At every single meeting and event, she sure that even the smallest detail was taken care of and on point. Her calm demeanor and amazing organizational skills make her indispensable! I look forward to the chance to work with her again in the future!”

Julie Quesada- Realtor at DPR Realty

“I have used Laurel the Founder of LPBC Services LLC in an advisory capacity at several points, and lastly engaged her to aid with PR strategy for a launch, where she evaluated a legacy PR contract and delivered a helpful roadmap for an optimized communication strategy moving forward. Knowing Laurel from when we worked together at SCVB in the past, I am very familiar with her utmost professionalism, efficient work style, and marketing knowledge.”

Berit Digerud, Digital Optimization Strategist at Nuance Communications

“Laurel is the face of professionalism. She is assertive and friendly at the same time. She is organized and detail oriented. She is a pleasure to work with and she gets the job done on time, with perfection, every time. I highly recommend using her business expertise.”

Wendy Snodgrass, Owner at Clarity Mental Health Counseling, PLLC

“Laurel Pendle, Founder of LPBC Services LLC has been a critical part of helping DreamCatchers soar to new heights. As a nonprofit, it can be difficult to gain media traction without someone solely dedicated to the work. Laurel selflessly gave her time to help our organization reach those outlets, and spread our mission and work further into the communities where we are based.

The time and dedication she put into our strategy and projects was worth $1000’s because of the name recognition and exposure we received as a result of her work and her existing relationships– she’s truly amazing at what she does!

She has also helped with countless fundraising events for DreamCatchers, and has even helped several Dreams come true for terminally ill in our community with our student chapters. I could not recommend her enough, and I am so thankful we were connected. She’s wonder woman- and has a huge heart!”

Caitlin Crommett CEO, Founder DreamCatchers Foundation

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