Cheers to the New Year!

Cheers to the New Year. And so the adventure begins! As I reflect, 2020 was filled with grief and uncertainty in so many ways for our country politically and also for people that were affected by Covid due to illness, death and tremendous financial strain. There were moments of happiness, laughter, hope and being with […]

Fraud Alert. Ok, maybe it’s a little like “impostor syndrome”

Have you ever felt like you are an impostor or living a double life? I often think my life resembles a superhero movie where I am portraying multiple characters with different personalities, costumes, makeup, masks and all. Fraud Alert. Ok, maybe it’s a little like “impostor syndrome” Let me help to paint the picture for […]

Staying active with the kiddos while “Social Distancing”

Kids as well as adults are struggling during this time to find creative ways to stay active while social distancing. Families need to stay active for a variety of reasons from clearing their minds to moving their bodies to stay heart-healthy. Staying active with the kiddos while “Social Distancing” is extremely challenging. I am a […]

Living “In the Moment” is a Challenge I know…

Living “In the Moment” is a challenge I know everyone faces on a daily basis. I struggle as much as the next person, to be present in the moment. Being a busy leader, parent and business owner I am pulled in many different directions and wear numerous hats. It’s often difficult to be mindful of […]

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