The Heart of Business: Giving Back During the Season of Giving is important

LPBC Services has a mission to give back to others around the globe

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As the holiday season unfolds, there’s a special opportunity for business owners, organizations and brands to embrace the spirit of giving. Beyond the bottom line, the act of giving back to the community holds profound significance, not only for those in need but also for the businesses themselves. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of incorporating philanthropy into your business model, especially during the season of giving.

1. Building Stronger Communities:

Businesses play a pivotal role in community development. By giving back, you contribute to creating a stronger, more resilient community. Whether it’s supporting local charities, organizing events, or initiating community projects, your business becomes a catalyst for positive change.

2. Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Embracing philanthropy showcases your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact businesses have on society. A strong CSR strategy fosters trust and loyalty among customers, establishing your brand as one that cares about more than just profits.

3. Employee Engagement and Morale:

Engaging employees in philanthropic activities fosters a sense of purpose and camaraderie within your team. Participating in charitable events, volunteering, or supporting a cause collectively boosts morale and creates a positive work culture. Happy and engaged employees are more likely to be productive and committed to the success of your business.

4. Positive Public Relations:

Giving back generates positive publicity for your business. Media coverage of your philanthropic efforts not only raises awareness about the causes you support but also paints your business in a favorable light. This positive public image can attract new customers and partners who align with your values.

5. Fostering Long-Term Relationships:

Establishing connections within the community goes beyond financial transactions. By actively contributing to local initiatives, you build long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, and other businesses. This interconnectedness strengthens your position within the community and opens doors for collaboration.

As the holiday season unfolds, consider the profound impact your business can have on the community. Giving back is not just a seasonal obligation but a year-round commitment to creating a positive and lasting influence. By integrating philanthropy into your business model, you not only contribute to the well-being of those in need but also position your business as a force for good, ultimately reaping the rewards of a stronger, more supportive community.

Here at LPBC Services we strive to give-back to our local community and charities all year around. It’s especially important during the holiday season, as others’ might be struggling, venerable and hurting during this time. We want to make a difference in the lives of others around the globe. We want to be a beacon of light, love and help for the hurting.

We support various charities and missions locally, regionally and internationally, Some you might know include: Samaritan’s Purse, Sunshine Acres, Toys for Tots, Friends for Life Animal Shelter, faith-based mission trips to Nogales, Mexico and other charities and organizations around the globe.

We support and encourage other entrepreneurs, organizations and business owners to do the same. If you don’t already have a give-back campaign, program or charity give-back goal, let us help you create one now or in the new year!

We help businesses become extraordinary. Our goal is to provide a targeted strategy and efficient process to create additional visibility, scalability and profitability. We guide struggling, over-extended business owners, entrepreneurs and frustrated leaders from strategy to implementation so they can crush desired goals, create a clear vision, and achieve maximum return on investment. Give us a call today at 480-382-6382 or at

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