The Wow Factor

Welcome to our 1st blog post with the announcement of LPBC Services and our new website. We are open for business and look forward to helping your business to become extraordinary! Be ready for the Wow Factor in your business and within your team! Just start and reach out to see how we can help you in your business to reach new heights.


Our story we think is a good one. Over the years, Laurel Pendle, Founder was approached by numerous colleagues, business owners, leaders, executives, top organizations and industry partners to help solve business problems and provide strategy and leadership advice in the marketplace.

She quickly rolled up her sleeves to help fill the gap by providing strategies, tactics and targeted business and strategic communications solutions.

She often acted as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Business Strategist for many organizations and brands.

She soon realized there was a unique niche and a gap that needed to be filled. She  decided to pursue her passion to help other struggling entrepreneurs, business owners and brands grow and scale their businesses. Soon demand increased for her diverse talents and LPBC Services LLC was born.

The Laurel Wreath Is A Symbol Of Triumph, Achievement And Victory. This Unique Symbol Speaks To Our Culture And Continued Client Success.

Check out of Founder’s story and what we stand for and our core values We look forward to helping to grow your business and working together.

Our mission is to help purpose-driven businesses get to the root cause of what is preventing additional visibilityscalability and profitability.

  • Do you struggle with increased competition and ineffective visibility attracting new customers? 
  • Do you lack the time and skills to develop goals and key objectives to target new leads and markets?
  • Do you find planning, strategy and time-management challenging?
  • Do you lack the resources to create and deliver a targeted business or sales & marketing plan?
  • Do you feel stuck as a leader and desire more clarity to focus on the bigger picture and plan for success?

We help struggling, over-extended business owners, entrepreneurs and executives from strategy to implementation so you can crush desired goals, create a clear vision, and achieve maximum return on investment. We will help you get there!

Break free of the status quo trap. We often can’t see the source of the problem because we are too close to the situation. We will offer an unbiased view from different perspectives of your business. Our team combines a “holistic business” strategic approach using Sales + Marketing + PR proven processes.

Our goal is to help shape and share your story so you can generate more exposure and revenue for your business. LPBC Services offers creative solutions and targeted strategies to help grow and promote your brand. We help businesses become extraordinary!

LPBC Services LLC can help fill the gap so you can focus on the things YOU want to do. Think of LPBC Services as an extension of your growing team. We work behind the scenes to save you time and money! It’s FREE to reach out to see how we can help you! Ready to get started today?

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